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Kim Hyosuk

Kim Hyosuk experiences and reproduces reality going through division and disintegration. Environmental change is a change in life with slight deviations that seem similar to the other. The image portraying change appears as an organic movement of the sharply fragmented world in which the structures of the city and reality are divided and recombined (fused). The artist's daily life is mostly spent on collecting images reproduced through various media. She picks up the pieces of the world that have been sprawled about in all directions. The collected images are cut, glued, and stitched together to constitute the artist's personal and common space-time experience. The self-replicating city that expands into the world like a web will look like an ominous maze to some, and a palace offering treasures to others. The inside of the palace is exposed like the internal organs of the world. An image that is repeatedly split and multiplied creates anxiety. It is an attempt to reproduce the ubiquitous things in the world beyond the range of average cognitive judgments, through the repeated and infinitely spreading movements of deconstruction, disconnection, connection, and substitution.

Kim Hyosuk (b.1981)

2009 MFA Fine Arts(Western Painting), Yongin University, Korea

2004 BFA Fine Arts(Western Painting), Yongin University, Korea


Solo Exhibitions 

2011 My Floating CityⅡ, OCI Museum of Art, Seoul

2008 My Floating City, Young Art Gallery, Seoul 


Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 EX-AIR, Changdong Art Studio National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

2013 5mm×7, Goyang Art Studio Artist Residency, Goyang 

2013 Incheon Art Club, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon

2013 INTRO, Goyang Art Studio Artist Residency, Goyang 

2013 3rd Final Exhibition of the Incheon Art Platform Resident Artists, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon

2012 OCI Museum of Art residency program, OCI Museum of Art, Seoul

2012 Preview Exhibition of the Incheon Art Platform, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon 

2012 Tipping point 2012, Kwanhoon gallery, Seoul

2012 Art Nova100, Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing

2012 Peace smiles, Space99, Seoul 

2011 Songeun Fine Arts Prize, Songeun Art Space, Seoul  

2011 I will survive, Experimental Seoul Art Center, Seoul 

2011 Irony of Individual, UNC Gallery, Seoul

2011 Upload-City, ART SPACE LOO, Seoul

2011 Travelers, Gallery White Block, Paju

2011 Breathing: inhalation and exhalation, Gallery Being, Gallery Being, Seoul 

2011 Eye scream maker, Space K, Daegu, Gwacheon

2010 Preview, OCI Museum of Art, Seoul

2010 Joongang Finearts Prize, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul 

2009 Asyaaf, The old headquarters of Defense Security Command, Seoul 

2009 Imagination power station, Hyundai Artscente, Ulsan

2008 Comma(,), JS Art Gallery, Paju, Korea 


Residency Programs

2013 Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main Artist in Residence-Programm

2013 National Goyang Art Studio, 6th Artist (Long-term), Goyang

2012 Incheon Art Platform Artist Residency, Incheon

2011 OCI Museum of Art Residence Program


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