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With Korea Mecenat Association, Chongkundang and Art Space Hue aim to contribute to the development of Korean contemporary art through matching project that provides support for alternative spaces and artists.

This project began in 2012 with the purpose of giving opportunities for emerging artists who have participated in major Korean art support programs by providing them with creative and exhibition opportunities. Currently, there are various support programs operated by the government, at both central and local level, and private non-profit alternative spaces. Many new artists are being cultivated through these programs. However, these programs are still falling very short of providing them with continuous support. This is why among the many promising emerging artists that come into the scene every year, it is rare that only a handful of artists enter the center of the Korean art world.


To fix this problem, the Chongkundang Yesuljisang Project was conceived with the purpose of providing a platform for up-and-coming artists who have proven their strength so that they can further advance their career. This project is a secondary support program that helps young artists who have already been recognized for their potential grow and overcome the barriers in reality of the art world. 


Chongkundang Yesuljisang awards three artists in Korea practicing painting under the age of 45 through two rounds of closed evaluation by professional experts in the field of art. Artists were selected based on having a clear subject matter, potential for development, and expression of diversity in painting. The selected three final artists receive fund for three years, with an exhibition opportunity in the last year.

Chongkundang Yesuljisang

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