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Lee Hyein

Lee Hyein's work reminds us of the fusion of reflective thinking and sensual expression on the conventions of creation and communication of traditional painting sought in modern painting. For the artist, the painting image is a trace left through all these processes, a kind of mixture of the everyday and non-everyday life unfolding in the artist's mind. The shape that is becoming a specific form and the movement that loosens the shape as it becomes blur are swept away together. Light and darkness fluctuating here and there, radiating movements, and the artist's actions that are reduced or collided are piled up in layers on the single canvas. A set of images that absorbs the audience is constructed in this way. Just because a lot of shapes are gathered on one canvas, it doesn't mean that they can achieve aesthetically successful complexity. The artist's image allows us to three-dimensionally imagine the artist's rich and dense visual language, her psychological state, and the society and culture to which she belongs. Individual anxiety and vague daydreams and nightmares are mixed in the unmaterialized reality. It is intended to reflect the contemporary reality and emotion that the artist faces. One can read the changes in contemporary painting that expresses complex social and individual problems through the composition of multi-layered images.

Lee Hyein (b. 1981)

2005 BFA in Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul


Solo Exhibitions

2011 Sunset on Your Cheeks, Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea

2010 Empty Address_ The Field in Front of Neunggok Station, UNC Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2008 Insentient Nature, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2007 Upon The Roof, Woo Seok Hall, College of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea 


Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 Wanderers Unduped, Television 12, Seoul, Korea 

2011 The sculpture with moonlight_ Lee hyein, Jung jaewook, Nanji Art gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011 Bad romanticism, Arko Museum, Seoul, Korea

2010 Build_WooJin Baek, HyeIn Lee, Project Space SARUBIA DABANG, Seoul, Korea

2010 Image of exchange value, Artspace HUE, Seoul, Korea

2009 Slum Megapolis, Alternative Space BANDI, Busan, Korea

2009 Traveling Art Museum 2009_ The tale of the Sun and the Wind, Yeong Cheon Art Studio & Eumseong Culture and Art Center, Gyeongbuk Yeong Cheon-si & Chungbuk Eumseong-gun

2009 Wonderful Pictures, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2008 Young Korean Artists 2008_ I AM AN ARTIST, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

2007 Art in City Project 2007_ Taebaek Cheoram Memorial Wall 1,2, Taebaek, Gangwon, Korea 

2007 Song Eun Fine Art Award, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2007 Joongang Fine Art Prize, Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2005 The Production of Space_ College Fine Art Council Project Exhibition, Gallery 175, Seoul, Korea

2005 Jamong(The Dreaming By Myself), Space Cell, Seoul, Korea

2003 Floating_ Hannam-dong Project, Seoul, Korea


Residency Programs & Awards

2012 Kunstlerhaus Bethanien residency program, Berlin, Germany (supported by Arts Council Korea)

2011 Residency of 5th Nanji Art Studio(by Seoul Museum of Art), Korea

2009 Residency of 5th The National Art Studio Goyang, Korea

2007 Joongang Fine Art Prize(selected)


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