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Lee Woochang

Lee Woochang's work stares directly at the self that exists as a loner. Despite the meticulous reproduction and expressiveness, there is no overt visual technique nor exaggeration. It calmly depicts the self-portrait series, the studio where he lived and painted, and the spaces, objects and relationships that made up the artist's daily life. His paintings are relatable images of ordinary objects and people, with an appropriate level of realism. The artist created his own world at an early age and vanished. He wanted to continue his creative endeavor as an artist but suffering blood cancer broke him. A creative machine that has stopped producing new work. The work left behind by a young painter who had already turned his back on the world is a keepsake of an artist and, at the same time, makes us feel a certain fate of modern art that aims for eternity but cannot finally be reached. An artist who does not give up painting belongs to both the worldly and unworldly realm. His images speak to the objects that move people's mind and their surface. 

Lee Woochang (b.1977) 

2009 Master of Philosophy at Dongguk University

2002 Graduated from Hongik University, Department of Engraving


Solo Exhibitions 

2012 Breast, brain factory, Seoul

2010 874, art factory, Paju


Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 drawing farm, Space of art, ETC, Seoul

2007 Paper Patbingsu, grau gallery, Seoul


Residency Programs

2011 Kumho Museum, Artist creative studio, Icheon


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