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Ryu Noah

Ryu Noah shows the perspectives of political economy or social criticism, such as factories, construction, violence, pain, and collective action, which reminds us of the mural work around the 20th century. Unrelated images and events are collaged into one scene, like surrealist tradition. People appear to have changed into machines or robots, revealing the uncomfortable and insecure emotions. A thick ominous shadow is cast like a feeling that an overwhelming scale of nature, society, and human desire have swept away everything like a typhoon or a tsunami. It portrays a life swallowed up in the shadow of reality, in the shadow of pain, conflict and violence. Human condition in reality is never safe nor peaceful, it is just thrown out in the wild. People's poses and expressions, their places and environments are never pleasant or of abundance. Ryu Noah's world is full of cynical realism and criticism. In the world where economy and politics churn their wheels, humans are instrumentalized like accessories. Ryu Noah's visual image reveals the immoral aspects of the political economy that developed through the 19th and 20th centuries.

Ryu Noah (b.1984)

2008 B.F.A Oriental Painting. Seoul National University. Seoul. Korea


Solo Exhibitions

2013 "Half Holiday". Salon de H. Seoul. Korea

2010 "Cupiditas". Brain Factory. Seoul. Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 "Hello, Stranger". Korean Cultural Office. Sydney. Australia

2012 "Phantasma Korea". Nanji Gallery. Seoul. Korea

2007 "Image Collecting". Alternative Space Miccle. Seoul. Korea


Residency Programs

2012 Nanji art studio. Seoul. Korea

2011 National art studio. Goyang. Korea


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