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Lee Manna

Lee Manna's image is a persistently and tightly organized daily life. Everyday life, in which every moment of life disappears, is organized into a heavy and solid image, free from boredom and the lightness of being. The dynamism is extremely concentrated, and finally an image made of subtle changes in color and shading appears. It seems like an attempt to pile up things that are forgotten in everyday life and whose existence and meaning are marginalized. And in such a process, the minimum existential value that can affirm one's existence, the meaning of one's existence, is sought from within. The artist meticulously puts hard work into everyday life, objects, events, and his own senses as if building a tower of time. A new reality is constantly created, not constantly repeated, in the way that everyday life is firmly tightened with pressure bandages using countless repeated small colored surfaces and dense touches. A myriad of exciting events far from boredom gather and tangle. Time also builds up into thick surfaces. The real landscape is transformed into a psychological one. Then appears a metaphysical landscape that is as solid as a castle and a wall. 

Lee Manna (b.1971)

2009 Meisterschüler, Braunschweig University of Art, Germany 

2008 Diplom, Braunschweig University of Art, Germany 

1996/2001 BFA/MFA in painting, Seoul National University, Korea


Solo Exhibitions

2012 Reflection -Youngeun Artist Relay Exhibition, Youngeun Museum, Kyunggi-do, Korea

2012 The Castle, Gallery Hyundai Window Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012 The Wayside, Tong–In Auction Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011 The Wall, Gallery Godo, Seoul, Korea

2010 The Surface with Depth, Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea

2009 Heterotopia -Meisterschüler 2009, Studio Building 40/307 of HBK, Braunschweig, Germany 

2004 always-already-there, Gallery Fish, Seoul, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions
2013 Astehetics of Empathy, Sharing, and Coexistence, Youngeun Museum, Kyunggi-do, Korea

2013 The Inner Landscape, gallery Royal, Seoul, Korea 

2013 The Space of Difference part1, gallery Chosun, Seoul, Korea

2012 Korea Tomorrow, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2012 Out of Frame, Interalia Art Company, Seoul, Korea

2012 The Width of the Night, Keumsan Gallery, Heyri, Korea

2011 International Art Exhibition The Power of Art_人, Youngeun Museum, Kyunggi-do, Korea 

2011 I recommend this artist, gallery soop, Seoul, Korea

2011 Between Techne and Metaphor, Artspace Hue, Paju, Korea

2010 Seogyo Nanjang2010-Power of Painting, KT&G Sangsangmadang, Seoul, Korea 

2010 ASYAAF2010 Special Exhibition, Sungshin University, Seoul

2010 Nature, becoming a scene, gallery chosun, Seoul, Korea

2009 Korean views–Faraway, So Close!, Stiftung Horizonte, Hannover, Germany

2008 excellent 08 - Die besten künstlerischen Arbeiten 2008 von HBK, Volkswagen Bank, Braunschweig, Germany

2008 Symposium Junge Kunst, Volksbank and Galerie Grabenheinrich, Gütersloh, Germany

2008 blank-a-med, mhh – Kestnerschau, arcade of medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Hannover, Germany

2007 Art. Fair 21, Expo XXI, Köln, Germany

2007 Junge Kunst aus China-Japan-Korea, Galerie F92, Berlin, Germany 

2007 ELF PLUS EINS, Galerie Haus Uschi Kolb, Karlsruhe, Germany

2005 Wave, TOPOHAUS Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2005 Portfolio, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2004 2004 ART SEOUL, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2003 BORA, Marronnier Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2002 BOUNCE human, civilization, environment, Gallery Chang, Seoul, Korea    

2000 The other side, Kepco Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Residency Programs & Awards

2013~11 Youngeun Museum Artist-In-Residence Program 

2008     Symposium Junge Kunst, Gütersloh, Germany 


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