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Park Seungyea

Park Seungyea is well known for her pen drawing series of bizarrely deformed self-portraits and human portraits, 'Monsters'. The artist says that drawing “is more like a stale game rather than labor.” That game starts with the question, 'Are we happy?', and returns endlessly back to it. The artist does not run away with images and ideas, but confronts and talks with certain 'beings'. A monster is a chaotic form combined with a face, hands, legs, and torso. This figure is an unexpected unknown visitor to the world of structure and order, common sense and rationality. However, the monster image is not just about the artist's inner story or personal self-portrait. The artist's cold monster images metaphorize the hidden dimension of human beings, the face of diversity in the world, and the world of shadows. The chaotic and ambiguous relationship is a reflection of the fluctuating reality. Humans and the world create monsters, but, in the world of archetypes (myths) of thought, monsters also create humans and the world.

Park Seungyea (b.1974)

2002 C.W.POST of Longisland University NY, MA

1998 Southampton Campus of Longisland University NY, BFA


Solo Exhibitions

2012 Fearless cretion, Gallery absinthe, Korea

2011 Monster: Liquid fear, Shinhan Gallery, Korea

2011 Monster: Doesn't exist, but exist, Art space Hyun, Korea

2010 Monster: No Longer Human, Kwanhoon gallery, Korea

2009 Monster 2010, Woolim Gallery, Korea 

2008 Space Bom. sponsored by Seoul woman & family foundation, Korea

2008 Gallery Gac, Seoul, Korea 

2003 World Fine Art Gallery. NY

1998 Abram Family Gallery at Southampton LIU. NY

1997 Abram Family Gallery at Southampton LIU. NY


Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 Sovereign Asian Art Prize next best Korean artworks, Seoul Auction, Korea

2012 Counterattack of images, Goyang Art Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea 

2012 Sungnam art center, Korea

2012 Intro, Goyang Art Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea 

2012 Sovereign Asian Art Prize Finalists’ Exhibition. Hong Kong, Singapore 

2012 Dr. Park Gallery, Korea

2011 Aperto, Gail Museum, Korea

2011 Ryu Gallery, Korea

2011 Moran Market, Sungnam Art Center, Korea

2011 Wa-Ya 2ri, Ssamzie Nonbat Gallery, Korea

2010 Living Nature, Shim Museum, Korea 

2010 Face of Sungnam, Sungnam Art Center, Sungnam, Korea

2009 Revo Korea, Kring, Seoul Korea

2009 Teampreview, Seoul Korea

2009 Gallery Gac, Seoul Korea

2008 Moran Gallery, Seoul Korea

2008 Woolim Gallery, Seoul Korea

2002 Student Gallery at C.W.Post. NY


Residency Programs & Awards

2014 Youmgeun Young Artist residency, Youngeun contemporary Museum, Korea

2012 Goyang Art Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

2012 Sovereign Asian Art Prize next best Korean artworks, Hong Kong

2011 Sovereign Asian Art Prize TOP 30 finalist, Hong Kong

2011 Saatchi Online Critic's choice, Online top 10

2010 Face of Sungnam, 3rd prize, Sungnam Art center, Kore

2009 Ssamzie, Korea 

2008 Selected artist, Woman artist with wings, Korea


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