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Jang Jaemin

Artist Jang Jaemin's work is dominated by the dark landscape of a city or village seen through trees and thickets. Huge trees, they are an image of the state in which the landscape is being dismantled and reorganized. In an instant, the world seems to have changed to a subtle but completely different one. The image is moist with thick paint, dark and damp colors and heavy brush strokes. It is far from bright and cheerful. It's like a typhoon passing by. It is a landscape tainted with all kinds of filth. His images belong to olfactory senses rather than sight. His landscapes contain a damp and strange smell mixed with humidity. It mixes and fuses with the object like an organism. The entire canvas forms a group, a colony, of one gigantic creature. The gaze moves through the dense forest like a body made of damp slime. It resembles the sense of amphibians or reptiles capturing and observing objects. They feel the world with their skin and their whole body. It is an image of a world of unknown things, intertwined in daily life, unidentified relationships and lumps.

Jang Jaemin (b.1984)

2011 B.F.A. in Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University, Seoul


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Lost in Time, Project Space SARUBIA, Seoul


Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 Paintings-all the windows to the world, Blume Museum of Contemporary Art, Paju

2015 Our Awesome Moments, HITE Collection, Seoul

2014 Asia Independent Art, Gimhae Arts and Sports Center, Gimhae

2014 The Great Artist, POSCO Art Museum, Seoul

2014 The 36th JoongAng FineArts Prize, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2013 More Space, 2013 OnGoing Artist Incubating Exhibition Program, OpenSpace Bae, Busan

2013 Emerging Artists, Bank of Korea Gallery, Seoul 

2012 The Memory You Moved, GS The Street, Seoul



2014 The 36th JoongAng FineArts Prize 


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