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An Gyungsu

Works by Artist An Gyungsu are the scenery of buildings and alleys in the 70's and 80's, either construction sites or somewhere in the suburbs. The two-dimensional surface on which the picture is drawn is exposed as it is, and the splattered paints record the deep confusion of people's desires and wounds. The artist creates works through various processes and mediation such as drawing, photography, and video. This is to overcome the weaknesses of traditional painting, such as on-the-spotness and temporality, through various observations, records, and interventions about the placeness. During the process of making the work, he repeatedly visits and observes the same place. His work consists of overlapping impressions that change in accordance with the time difference between the impressions from the first visit and the following repeated visits and the embodied image of a moment using various recording devices. One image contains a plurality of at least three dimensions. For him, the world is not a singular one that is recorded and expressed at once. It is a world of complexity that goes far beyond the limits of human visual experience and understanding. An Gyungsu's paintings seem to stand at the closest boundary, at the delicate edge between record and expression.

An Gyungsu (b.1975)

Solo Exhibitions

2014 On ground, GALLERY HYUNDAI WINDOW GALLERY, Seoul, Korea

2013 On ground, project space MO, Seoul, Korea

2012 Barricade, ccuullpool, Seoul, Korea

2010 Island, GALLERY b’ONE, Seoul, Korea

2008 Green mountain, Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea

2006 Playroom, Alternative Space Gallery Cott, Seoul, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 Philippines-Korea Contemporary Arts Exchange Exhibit <somewhere out there>, Bonifacio Global City, Philippines

2015 Russia-Korea Exchange Exhibition <Minima Moralia> Irkutsk Regional Art Museum after the name of V.P. Sukachov, Irkutsk, Russia

2014 CONVERSATION, Yangpyeong Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea

2014 The Breath of Fresh, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea

2014 Untitled Stage, nikita bencharov's hotel Music hall, Baikal Olkhon island, Russia

2014 black and white: summer solstice party, thomas park, Seoul, Korea

2014 COMMON CENTER Opening Exhibitions, <Today’s Salon>, COMMON CENTER, Seoul, Korea

2014 Reload, Project Space Pilipinas, Quezon, Philippines 

2013 who draws, gallery button, Seoul, Korea

2013 galleryFACTORY project <On Mobility- Moving Landscape>, KOBALT+FACTORY, Seoul, Korea

2013 pool Public <art town project>, café eungabi, Seoul, Korea

2013 ccuullpool residency openstudio, ccuull, Seoul, Korea

2012 ULTRA-NATURE : Overdose of Green, Suwonartcenter, Suwon, Korea

2012 UP-AND-COMERS, Totalmuseum, Seoul, Korea

2010 Storytelling, CYANMUSEUM, Yeongcheon, Korea

2010 Artists in Residence - Jahresausstellung der Frankfurter Gastkunstler, Frankfurt, German

2010 PROPOSE 7, KUMHOMUSEUM, Seoul, Korea

2010 Bibliothèque: A Library of Folding and Unfolding, gallery sangsangmadang, Seoul, Korea


Residency Programs & Awards

2014 Baikal Nomadic Residency Program, Irkutsk, Russia

2013 ccuullpool residency program, Seoul, Korea

2012 SeMA Support program for young artists exhibition, Seoul museum of art, Seoul, Korea

2010 Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main Artist in Residence-Programm, Frankfurt, Germany

2010 The 32th JoongAng Fine Arts Prize, 'second place', JoongAng culture media corporation, Seoul, Korea

2009~2010 National Goyang Art Studio, 6th Artist (Long-term), Goyang, Korea

2009 INCHEON ART PLATFORM Residency pilot program, Incheon, Korea

2007 The 7th Songeun Arts Award, Song-Eun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea


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