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Wee Youngil 

Wee Youngil's work uniquely combines the process of reversing the relationship between the artist and the audience in the process of creating a painting in traditional style. The artist criticizes the values of traditional art, the museum system, and the custom in the creative field and how it is appreciated. The audience rolls a dice on the same level as the artist and selects a keyword, material, or image for the work. Through the images produced by this strange custom-made method, the artist is set up as a factory worker or a machine that makes images. It destroys the identity and the ego of the traditional painter. The audience accepts the various options presented by the artist and co-creates the painting. They can demand that the artist produce a work in one way or another, based upon the taste and judgment cultivated in their formative years and learning. However, there is always the question of who gets to be the final approver. Still, as an individual, the artist remains to be the final approver of the work. 

Wee Youngil (b.1970)

M.F.A. Graduated from Graduate School of the painting Dept. Hong-Ik Univ.

B.F.A. Graduated from the painting Dept. College of Fine Art, Hong-Ik Univ.


Solo Exhibitions

2016 Read to number, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon

2015 Anonymous-Colors, Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, Seoul 

2013 Who knows?!, Gallery b'one, Seoul

2012 Guinness Desire, CAIS Gallery, Seoul

2009 Planet wee012 All-Star, Insa Artcenter, Seoul

2009 Desire to Mainstream, Void Gallery, Seoul

2007 A League Of Their Own II, III, Noam Gallery, Seoul

2007 A League Of Their Own I, Espacej Gallery, Shanghai, China 


Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 Final Report Exhibition by the 6th artists, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon

2016 Exciting~Yangpeong, YMuseum, Gyeonggi

2015 Mindful Mindless, SoMA, Seoul

2015 Open Studio, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon

2015 Preview, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon

2014 Occupy JUNGMISO, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul

2014 Open Studio "Friendship  to nobody", Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, Seoul

2014 Gift, SEMA, Seoul

2013 Animamix Biennial 2013-2014, Daegu art museum, Daegu

2013 Open Studio "Three day and night in island, GCC. Gyeonggi

2013 Rabbit & turtle, Ymuseum, Gyeonggi

2013 What's on, GCC, Gyeonggi

2013 Portfolio Archive Lounge, savinamuseum, Seoul

2012 A white paper of Fantastic Art, Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul

2012 Attack of image, Goyang Art Studio, Gyeonggi

2012 It's Pop Art, Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul

2012 Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur EXPO 2012, Gyeongnam

2011 Being with you, artbehive, Seoul

2011 Retro, Nan ji Gallery, Seoul

2011 Fun + POP, GCCS, Gwacheon

2011 Robot City Fantasy, 315 Art center, Seoul

2011 Bring into the World, Nan ji Gallery, Seoul

2011 Nan ji & Daejeon Residency, Igong Gallery, Daejeon

2010 Korea Tomorrow, SETEC, Seoul

2010 PUBLIC ART New Hero Fly in Heyri, Gallery Hangil, Heyri

2010 New Focus, ART seasons, Singapore city, Singapore

2010 Defense mechanism, TN Gallery, Beijing, China

2010 Free Style : A Dialogue Between Art and Design, HOMA, Seoul

2010 Smile Code, Gail Museum, Gapyeong 

Residency Programs

2015~2017 Incheon Art Platform long-term Residency, Incheon

2014~2014 Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon long-term Residency, Seoul

2013~2013 Gyeonggi creation center, middle-term Residency, Gyeonggi

2010~2011 Nan ji Art Studio, long-term Residency, Seoul

2008~2009 Changdong National Art Studio, long-term Residency, Seoul



2015 Art Support program, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

2013 Art Support program, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

2009 NArt Support program, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

2008 8th Songeun Fine Art Competition, Insa Art center

2007 Soma Drawing Center archive registry Artist

2005 Selected in the 27th Joongang Finearts Prize 


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