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Jeon Hyunsun 

Jeon Hyunsun contends that a picture is a memo. The images in the painting, which contain diversity and complexity, are memos, a series of thoughts and meanings. Although it resembles an everyday landscape, it is actually one created by a procession of symbols associated with the artist's consciousness. For the artist, painting is a landscape organized and filled with signs and symbols. The world where circles, triangles, cones, triangular pyramids, and hexagons appear repeatedly and where one used to think it was wholly understood through God's grace or light of reason, or was self-apparent like geometric structures or such perspective, now flickers like a dying candle light, leaving behind a landscape akin to relics of the past era or dead bodies. It seems the artist is searching for a new way of painting by using the forms and traditions of old paintings that have been depleted of life. It reminds one of Greek mythology where Ariadne, who provides the only lifeline to the protagonist, is actually the daughter of King Minos who set up the trap. In a strange world where meaning, signifiers and the signified are lost, painting can offer 'Adriadne's thread' that helps the navigation of solving the big problems man face through the vain, intimate, and private world.

Jeon Hyunsun (b.1989)

MFA; Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul

BFA;  Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Forests and Swamps, Weekend, Seoul

2016 Nameless Mountain, leehwaik Gallery, Seoul

2015 The Cone and Conversations, Place MAK, Seoul 

2013 Play, Next Door Gallery, Seoul

2012 A Secret Meeting, Gallery b-One, Seoul 

2012 Road to Endless Opposites, Next Door Gallery, Seoul


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 A story without a story, Gallery Lux, Seoul

2016 Secret Garden, Seoul Museum, Seoul

2016 Scatter Gather, Insa Art Space, Seoul

2015 37th Joongang Fine art Prize, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul

2015 Doosan Art Lap 2015, Doosan Gallery, Seoul

2015 Story Shower, Space K, Seoul

2015 Our Awesome Moments, HITE Collection, Seoul

2014 99 ℃ Promising Art Support Program Showcase, Seoul Art Space, Seoul

2014 Today’s Salon, Common Center, Seoul

2013 MayFest, Space O'New Wall, Seoul

2013 Turn Inside Out, Next Door Gallery and Project Broom, Seoul

2013 The Fantasy: Hyunsun Jeon and Wada Chizu, Kimhyunjoo Gallery, Seoul

2013 Seoul Digital University Art Prize Winners Exhibition, Sejong Center, Seoul

2012 Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival (ASYAAF), Seoul

2012 Bless This Space, Kunstdoc, Seoul

2011 The New Faces at Next Door 2011, Next Door Gallery, Seoul

2010 Orange Mart Project, Basement of Orange Mart, Seoul


Residency Programs & Awards

2015 ARKO artist curator workshop, ART council Korea

2015 37th Joongang Fine art Prize, Joongang Ilbo

2014 99 ℃ Promising Art Support Program, Seoul Art Space, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

2013 Seoul Digital University Art Prize    

2013 AM Studio, AM Planner, Berlin, Germany 


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