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Seo Wonmi

The black curtain series is dark and gloomy. Translating curtains into veils reminds us of infinitely heavy gravity and pitch darkness of a deep hole. Through the image of the black curtain, the artist brings up the traumas of individuals, society and history that have been deeply locked in a black hole, be it of the individual or the society, the present or the past. All mankind's history is a repetition of wounds and healing. Most of the wounds do not heal and persist as trauma, deepening and expanding. Generations who have experienced war testify with their voices to the younger generations of what they have been through. However, younger generations are also fighting their own wars alone and struggling with their own traumas. Under the name of intergenerational conflict, people dig deeper into each other's wounds. The artist envisions a black curtain that illuminates and covers our daily life and reality with themes of death, wounds and pain. It seems to be waiting for us to reach out and lift the veil to let the light in. The veil is a metaphor for the deep depth of reality that is not flat.

Seo Wonmi (b.1990)

2017 Bachelor of Fine Arts, SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Facing, ArtSpace Boan1942, Seoul, Korea


Selected Group exhibitions

2018 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Conrad, HongKong

2017 Selected Artist-Another Point of Sight, Seoul Art Foundation, Seoul, Korea

2017 木茶: a short story of spring and summer, Art space Boan1942, Seoul, Korea

2017 WHITE TABLE Artist guild, SeMA Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2016 Face, face, Sungkyungwan University Museum, Seoul, Korea

2016 Unlimited Eddition8, Ilmin Museum, Seoul, Korea

2016 LIGHT MY FIRE-DOPA, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Art warehouse, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2016 2016 SeMA Artist Guild:SeMA storage showcase-DOPA, SeMA Storage, Seoul, Korea



2018 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

2018 SDU Art Prize

2017 Seoul Art Foundation 'Selected Artist'

2017 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture 'Creative Support'


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