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Kim Changyoung

Works by the artist Kim Changyoung are softly colored monochrome series. He expresses the first simple and clear image that he first comes up with through an ambiguous but huge color plane by applying repeated brush strokes. The artist paradoxically encounters reality through monochrome, which dissolves concrete everyday reality, events, and clear themes in a fog of color. The work is a process of enduring a world and daily life in which peace and war, conflict and reconciliation, violence and dialogue are mixed, while metaphorizing the relationship between reality and art through monochrome colors. The clear and flat color is a metaphor for the unique moment of balance in which the history of numerous realities, reality, imagination, and ideas are mingled. We think of our history, the brutal facts that our modern history tells us, a pitiful and deep melancholy, and the courage and the struggle to embrace everything in. The greater and more serious the violence and conflict, the more desperately we need peace and serenity, dialogue and inclusion. The message of Kim Changyoung's paintings reminds us of these things. The real face of the world can be seen at a glance through such meticulous, smooth and calm monochrome colors.     

Kim Changyoung (b.1974)

2007 Pratt Institute, MFA, Painting, Brooklyn, New York

2001 Chugye University for the Arts, BFA, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Where are you from, ArterTain, Seoul, Korea

2015 Changyoung Kim solo Exhibition, Topohaus, Seoul, Korea

2015 Between the Light and Shadow which Bear no similarity with Each Other, ArtSpace Hue, Paju, Korea

2014 Between the Light and Shadow which Bear no similarity with Each Other, Gallery Shingyo, Seoul, Korea

2011 Now in Color: Changyoung Kim, Gallery COOHAUS, Mahattan, New York

2008 Into the Illusion-Dumbo Art Festival, 111 Front Street Galleries #265, Brooklyn, New York

2007 Phenomenon-Thesis Show, Pratt Institute South Gallery, Brooklyn, New York


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Painting: World in the frame, Oulim Art Gallery, Goyang, Korea

2013 Invitational Art Exhibition, Jersey City Hall, Jersey City, New Jersey

2013 Silent Auction of Art, Waterfall Gallery & Mansion, Mahattan, New York

2012 Art & Lifestyle, waterfall Gallery & Mansion, Mahattan, New York

2012 Dumbo Art Festival, Brooklyn, New York

2012 Go Brooklyn Art, Open studio, Brooklyn, New York

2012 The Land of Rising Sun, LMMHC, Bronx, NY

2011 NY+Korean Art=Get to be Friends, NYKulurist Collection, Mahattan, New York

2011 Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, New York

2011 Narratives of Line and Space, Maum Gallery, Mahattan, New York

2011 Beautiful Art Exhibition: Roots, Glenpointe Hotel Marriott, Teaneck, New Jersey

2010 Dumbo Arts Festival 2010, Open Studio, Brooklyn, New York

2010 Plus One, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Mahattan, New York

2009 Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, New York

2009 Spring Fever, Closter Art Studio, Closter, New Jersey

2008 DREAM, Riverside Gallery, Hackensack, New Jersey

2008 Illusion of shadows, World Culture Open Center, Mahattan, New York

2008 Election 2008: The Square Foot Show, Art Gotham, Mahattan, New York

2008 Open Studio Party by Chang Young Kim, Brooklyn, New York

2008 Barack Obama Art Show: Hope, Rogue Space Chelsea, Mahattan, New York

2008 Hope is Nowhere, Hope is Now Here, World Culture Open Center, Mahattan, New York

2008 99 Art Fair, hpgrp Gallery, Mahattan, New York

2008 Ten Artists, Gallery Xpose’, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

2007 Summer Festival Art, ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery, Mahattan, New York

2006 Annex Show, Annex Gallery, Mahattan, New York


Residency Programs



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