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Lee Je

In the dark night, the women dance in the glowing flower garden. All the times when women were deprived of the means to express themselves and have been dismissed as madness paradoxically allows them to be expressed as shining brighter with freedom and teeming energy. As it is said that the deeper the night is, the nearer the dawn is, the festival of women is mysteriously directed. Grandmother's grave becomes a site of a festival where women celebrate, transcending time and space. The hazy flowers that glow in the dark become the eyes of the wild looking at the world, like nature gazing at civilization. The world is not known to us as the world itself. The world is never perceived as the world really is. It is bound to be perceived as larger or smaller than it actually is. In these vibrations of perception, large and small, we come to recognize the original face of the world. Painting combined with the movement of visual images can be seen as the total harmony of metaphors. A successful metaphor always comes too late for us or is always far away from us. The artist senses it in the studio.

Lee Je (b.1979)

2004 MFA Fine Art, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

2002 BFA Fine Art, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea


Solo exhibitions 

2017 Halfway Round The Wrist, Chosun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2015 Heat Wave, Butten Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014 Warmth, Chosun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 Here and Now, OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2009 Flower Delivery, Gallery King, Seoul , Korea

2006 The Scenery Begins, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea

2005 Our Dazzling Moment, Joheung Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Selected Group exhibitions

2019 Our Dance Always Come Unexpectedly, Space illi, Seoul, Korea

2018 Night Mountaineering, Artspace Hue, Paju, Korea

2017 Exhibiton of Space, Community Space Litmus, Ansan, Korea

2017 A Research on Feminist Art Now, Space One, Seoul, Korea

2016 Twin Peaks, HITE Collection, Seoul, Korea

2016 Made in Seoul, Centre d'art Meymac, Meymac, France

2016 The Art of Not Landing, Cake Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2015 Again, It’s a Painting, Woomin artcenter, Chungju, Korea

2015 Floating and Sinking, Gallery Factory, Seoul, Korea

2015 Sixth Sence, OCI Museun, Seoul, Korea

2014 Anyang Public Art Project4, Anyang Pavilion, Anyang, Korea

2014 Spectators, Doosan gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014 Today, My Work, Gana Artspace, Seoul, Korea

2013 Space of Difference, Chosun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013 Monsieur Hulot's Holiday, Songwon artcenter, Seoul, Korea

2012 Do window Vol.4, Hundai Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012 The Anthology : Selected Writings and Paintings, Platform Place 629, Seoul, Korea

2011 Painters, PKM Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011 Between Techne and Metaphor, Artspace Hue, Paju, Korea 

2011 Travelers, Artcenter White Block, Paju, Korea

2010 Intuition, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 I Don't Let You Down, Duo Exhibition by Aesop & Leeje, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul, Korea

2010 Ordinary days, PKM Trinity Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2009 Wonderful Pictures, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2008 A Journey for 100years, Women's History Exhibition Hall, Seoul, Korea

2007 Traces of City, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2006 Familiar or Unordinary Landscape, Arko Art Center of the Art Council Korea, Seoul, Korea

2004 Talking to the Wall, Arko Art Center of the Art Council Korea, Seoul, Korea

2003 People Who Waking On The Water, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2002 Bright, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul, Korea

2001 Time Difference, That, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul, Korea



2014 63 SKY ART MUSEUM new artist support Program, Seoul, Korea



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