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Jeong Zikseong

For the past 20 years, Jeong Zikseong has portrayed the reality of housing and labor conditions for average people in Korean society through geometric paintings. The artist's method of creation is paradoxical, because in terms of art history, it is the form of geometric abstraction that seeks to escape the social reality and return to the original essence or the formative principle of art. Since the form and content are in heterogeneous contexts, the work is not to be appreciated in a traditional way, but rather as a subject or object for understanding. It is clear that the artist's work is deviating from the history of traditional painting where the method of creating meaning and the method of deconstructing meaning collide. The reason that painting continues to be relatable and evaluated as a meaningful form is because this genre still provides the diversity and freedom of the creator's perspective and expression method. The artist has shown the process of feeling, thinking, and expressing in close contact with her daily reality for a long time. This attitude extends to the problem of natural ecology.

Jeong Zikseong (b.1976)

2022 Seoul National University, DFA

2005 Seoul National University, MFA

2000 Seoul National University, BFA


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021 Floating Forest, Metaphor32 IAM Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2021 From Flat Black, Expressing Nature, Daham Gallery, Gyeonggido, Korea

2021 Constructive Abstract/Construction Site Abstract, Pageroom8 Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2021 Pulse_Flux, Gallery We, Gyeonggido, Korea

2020 Special, Specific Objects, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2020 The Mechanic, La Maison de Lee Ungno, Hongseong, Korea

2020 Shines In the Dark, Gallery Art Delight, Seoul, Korea

2019 On the Road of the Winds, Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018 In Bloom, Sejong Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2017 The Mechanic, Leeahn Gallery, Daegu, Korea

2017 Green Pool, Jaha Museum, Seoul, Korea

2017 Winter Flower, Johyun Gallery, Pusan, Korea

2013 Jeong Zik Seong, Mimesis Art Museum, Gyeonggido, Korea

2013 Under Limited Conditions, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012 Artist of Today 2012-Jeong Zik Seong, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea

2011 Liquid Machinery, Moin Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 Cross and Pause, Johyun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 Operation, Art Factory Gallery, Gyeonggido, Korea

2009 Jeong Zik Seong, Johyun Gallery, Pusan, Korea

2008 Megamachine, Kim Jinhye Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2007 Hidden Corner, Space A-Chim, Seoul, Korea

2006 Amorphous Construction, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Selected Two Person Exhibitions

2020 The 24 Divisions: Jeong Zik Seong / Kim Tae-gyu, Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014 Danse Mécanique: Jeong Zik Seong / Hong Seung-hye, Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014 Waiting for Apricot Flower Blossoms: Jeong Zik Seong / Jo Jong Seong, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 King Sejong and Music, Yeomillak, Sejong Culture & Art Center, Sejong, Korea

2021 Yeo Kwon Tong Moon-The First Korean Women’s Rights Announcement Day Memorial Exhibition, Topohaus Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2021 ART PLUS, POSCO Gallery, Pohang, Korea

2021 DNA, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2021 Sensual Space, Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Shanghai, China

2021 Living As The Artist, POSCO Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2020 The 10th International Yeosu Art Festival 2020, Yeosu, Korea

2020 Art Park: Reopening Exhibition, Gallery Art Part, Seoul, Korea

2020 Painting>, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Gyeonggido, Korea

2019 Seoul Art Show 2019 Special Exhibition: Flash Art, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2019 Triangle/The Beginning of Contemporary Art, MOKA, Gyeonggido, Korea

2019 Physical Possibility of Aesthetic Daily Life, Sueno339 Space of Art, Seoul, Korea

2018 Reading Spaces, Sejul Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2017 The Painting Show, Goyang Aram Nuri Museum, Gyeonggido, Korea

2016 Craving Colors, 63 Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2016 Questioning Sustain Ability: The Museum of Art Seoul National University 10th Anniversary Project, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2014 Tomorrow 2014, D.D.P., Seoul, Korea


Residency Programs

2020 Atelier Lee Ungno, La Maison de Lee Ungno, Hongseong, Korea

2019 Suite Sweet Fish and Rooms Residence, Jeju, Korea

2013-2014 Gallery Purple Studio, Gallery Purple, Gyeonggido, Korea

2011-2013 Youngeun Artist in residence, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeonggido, Korea

2008-2010 Jangheung Atelier, Gana Art Gallery, Gyeonggido, Korea

2008 Seoul-Berlin Artist Residency Program, LVBG & Orco GSG Berlin, Germany

2007-2008 Nanji Art Studio, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea


Selected Award

2012 Today’s Young Artist Award 2012, Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Korea

2012 The 1st Etro Fine Art Prize, The Grand Prize, Etro, Seoul, Korea

2012 Today’s Artist Award of 2012, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea

2009 Selected Artist for New Artist Project of 63SkyArt Museum, HanHwa63City, Seoul, Korea

2005 The 1st GAna Now Art Prize, Runners-up Prize, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2005 Selected Artist of the 27th Joongang Fine Arts Prize, Seoul, Korea


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