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Min Sun

Min Sun projects her emotions and meaning of existence on mountains, rivers and reservoirs. She tries to metaphorize the meaning of her life through objects covered with cloth. The reproduction of visual experience gradually creates a contact with the artist's own inner flow of consciousness and movement of thought. It is deeply immersed in thoughts with contemplativeness. No artist neglects the importance of reflectively thinking on and building insight into one's own existence. She insists on the path of an artist in her own way. Min Sun has also made paintings with a lonely and somewhat gloomy atmosphere for a long time. An isolated individual doing one's best to lead a life is expressed in a gloomy and lonely landscape. We all barely exist. And we manage to meet each other and try to empathize. It is a great virtue to tenaciously lead a life despite all the weaknesses and precariousness. The artist bestows upon the painting a significance that goes beyond just a tool of expression and representation. The artist thinks through a handful of soil how we will continue our existence as mortal beings in a reality full of coincidences and accidents.

Min Sun (b.1977)

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Outside, gallery soso, Heyri, Korea 

2017 the mass, place MAK, Seoul, Korea 

2015 The weight of the Skin, Hapjungjigoo, Seoul, Korea

2013 Water and Steamed rice, Amadoyeasul space, Seoul, Korea

2011 The Half-dead Things-The Tracing Rope: Painting, Dr.Park gallery, Gyeonggido, Korea

2011 The Half-dead Things-Planta Erectus: Drawing, Nonbat Gallery, Heyri, Korea

2010 The Half-dead Things-Planta Erectus: Drawing, Nanji Gallery of Nanji Residency Studio, Seoul, Korea

2009 The Half-dead Things_Machine: Drawing, Geumunwha Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2008 The Half-dead Things_Juice: Drawing, Gallery Doll, Seoul, Korea

2006 Transitory Special Transformation: Drawing and Movie, Gallery King, Seoul, Korea

2005 Pink and Pig: Installation and Movie, Alternative Space HUE, Seoul, Korea 

2004 A Solo Exhibition of Artist who is not famous: Drawing and Movie, Gallery Chang, Seoul, Korea


Two Person Exhibitions

2020 Sincere scenery, KYOBO Art Space, Seoul, Korea 

2020 Skin, Body, Wall, Gallery SoSo, heyri, Korea

2012 Anomaly of Betweens, Sarubia-dabang, Seoul, Korea

2010 Leehaiminsun and Choomilim, Gallery 2, Seoul, Korea

2003 RE-MAKE, Alternative Space Beam, Incheon, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 So far , yet so near, onus gonggan, Seoul, Korea

2020 Not Knowing exactly, Art space Hue, Korea   

2019 Even small sounds are loud at night, Space So, Seoul, Korea 

2019 come to think of it, it’s a good thing corpses smell, Art space Pool, Seoul, Korea 

2019 The Sea Will Not Sink, gallery Ili, Ansan cultural Art Center, Ansan, Korea 

2019 DMZ, Munwhayeok Seoul 284, Seoul, korea 

2019 Photo_Initially, finally, Space So, Seoul, Korea 

2019 Less is more, MuseumSoda, Hwasung, korea 

2018 Fantasy belt, Donnimun Museum village, Seoul, Korea 

2018 Of Nature, Suwon I Park Museum of Art, Suwon, Korea 

2018 With meditation in Landscape, Museum San, Wonjoo, Korea 

2018 Iron _ Human, Goryeojegang F1963, Busan, korea 

2017 The dictionary of Evill, Gangwon international Biennale, Gangneung, Korea 

2017 B cut Drawing, Kumho museum, Seoul, Korea 

2017 25.7, Buk –Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 

2015 Real DMZ project, Art Sunjae Center, Seoul, DongSong, Chulwon, Korea

2015 Lunar Photo Fest, leejaeyong Architecture office, Seoul Korea   

2015 The Brain, Yeawoolmaru, Yeosu, korea   

2014 The Brain, Deajun Museum of Art, Busan, Korea 

2014 Side, Hidden Track, gallery SoSo, Heyri, Korea

2013 Les Flaneurs, Gallery Skape, Seoul, Korea

2013 North Seoul Museum of Art Opening commemoration, North Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 

2013 International exchange program 2012 <Interpenetrate>, Changdong Art Studio, Seoul, Korea

2012 Tell me the story, gallery Sheffer, Sydney, Australia

2012 Drawing, Space Mom, Chungju, Korea

2012 Drawing Diary, Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon/Gwangju/Seoul, Korea

2011 Happy Window, Art Center nabi, Seoul, Korea

2011 Hybrid Creativity, Savina Museum, Seoul, Korea

2011 Deagu Art Square, Deagu exhibition convention center EXCO, Deagu, Korea

2011 Drawing, Space Beam, Incheon, Korea

2011 Beyond Drawing, Space 15#,Seoul, Korea

2011 Prohibition of Excavation, Art space Pool, Seoul, Korea

2011 Life, No Peace, only Adventure, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

2010 Companion Planet, Dr.Park Gallery, Yangpyoung, Korea

2010 Residency Parade, Incheon Art Platform Gallery, Incheon, Korea

2010 For the Ansung, Ansung Art Studio, Ansung, Korea

2010 Planet:A, Ilmin Museum, Seoul, Korea


Residency Programs

2013 Stuttgart Museum of Art , Stuttgart Germany 

2012 Asialink Art space, Sydney Australia

2012 Goyang Studio of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeonggido, Korea

2009-2010 Nanji Art studio of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Korea


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