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Choe Sooryeon

Choe Sooryeon has used the myths and legends of East Asia, especially Northeast Asia, as well as various ghost stories and folktales, as motifs, and has taken the issue of identity and tradition within us as the subject of her work. Customs and traditions are similar but different. While customs are more unconscious and contain the worldview and the view on life and death of the era in which they were formed, traditions are relatively conscious and contain contemporary political and social ideologies. However, for the artist, the problem of tradition is dealt with along with custom, and above all, shamanism and ritual are still working as powerful ideologies. However, it is expressed by borrowing on from a more flexible and gentle form of narrative that has been passed down for a long time rather than from aesthetic politics. The artist's visual images, like hieroglyphs, make us think about how openly the symbolic system of meaning resides in our inner and unconscious mind. Even though the artist adhering to a retrospective style exists like an old relic, it, in fact, vividly shows things that exert a strong influence on our daily life and reality. The artist reveals the language and images of the past, which seem to have become extinct, as our premodern consciousness or mythical or ritual narrative along with a new perspective.

Choe Sooryeon (b.1986)

2017 M.F.A, Department of Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2010 B.F.A, Department of Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Music from a decaying country, Cheong-ju Art Studio, Cheong-ju, Korea

2018 Music from a decaying country, O’Newwall E’juheon, Seoul, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Plus minus show, FOCA, Jeonju, Korea

2019 The Stars Below, Sansumunhwa, Seoul, Korea

2018 Double-sided, Government Complex-Seoul, Seoul, Korea

2018 Gyeonggi archive_now, Gyeonggi sangsang campus, Suwon, Korea

2018 UAC Young Artists, Uijeongbu Arts Center, Uijeongbu, Korea

2017 Something new, Goyang Aram Nuri Aram Art Gallery, Goyang, Korea2017 My name is nobody, 4log, Seoul, Korea

2017 Haneul bonpuri, Zaha Museum, Seoul, Korea

2016 Seoul Babel, Seoul Museum of Art , Seoul, Korea

2015 Our awesome moments, Hite collection, Seoul, Korea

2015 Nothing we could know, Insa Art space, Seoul, Korea

2014 Fantasy is over, Art space Pool, Seoul, Korea


Residency Programs

2020-2021 Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea

2019 Factory of Contemporary Arts in Palbok, Jeonju, Korea

2018 Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea

2016 Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan, Korea



2020 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea

2018 UAC Young Artists, Uijeongbu Arts Center, Korea

2018 Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation; Solo Exhibition, Korea

2017 SDU Art Prize, Seoul Digital University, Korea

2017 The Life and Change: Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Korea

2015 Ilhyun Travel Grant, Ilhyun Museum, Korea


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