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Yoo Seungho

From an alien's point of view, various events and human activities on earth would all appear as incomprehensible movements and changes of points, lines, planes, and images. It would all be incomprehensible indeed. If a language is separated from the society and the era in which it was created and placed in a completely isolated situation, it will no longer serve its general function as a language. It would merely be treated as an image or stains in the appearance of language. Yoo Seungho has been working on decontextualizing text for a long time. Characters are not recognized as general language, but as formative elements composing visual images. We look at the languages, characters, and words used in his work and try to reduce them to sentences we can understand. However, these attempts soon fail, and there only remains the discovery of a certain atmosphere and an ambiguous image that the artist has continuously filled, emptied, and composed on the canvas. The words filled on the canvas by intense manual labor in which the artist is obsessively immersed in reflect like a mirror the movement of consciousness of meaning and meaninglessness, and the order and chaos of meaning. 

Yoo Seungho (b.1974)

1999 B.F.A. Han-Sung Univ., Seoul


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Miss Lamella, CR Collective, Seoul

2018 Spring breeze, how should I love now?, Incheon Culture Brewery, Incheon 

2017 From head to toe, P21, Seoul

2017 From head to toe, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul

2015 Shaking your hair loose, PERIGEE GALLERY, Seoul

2015 The Lord`s Prayer, The Lost Player, Olivia Park Gallery, Seoul, New York

2014 yodeleheeyoo~, GAHOEDONG60, Seoul

2013 echowords, DOOSAN Gallery, New York

2013 she, Artspace Hue, Paju

2010 YOOCHIHAN, Gallery PLANT, Seoul

2007 echowords, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

2006 echowords, Seomi&tuus Gallery, Seoul

2005 echowords, ONE AND J. GALLERY, Seoul

2003 echowords, Moran Gallery, Seoul

2000 echowords, Seo-Nam Art Center, Seoul

1999 hee hee hee, Gallery Jo, Seoul


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 The New Highway of Ink, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju

2020 How to Create a Landscape, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Cheongju

2019 Mongyuinwang, Ansan Art Center, Ansan

2019 Art369, Yongsan Crafts Museum, Seooul

2019 More than Words, Seongnam Arts Center, Seongnam


2019 Sea and Beans, Partyum Art Gallery, Incheon

2019 Playing Texting, Dohing Art, Seoul

2019 The 20thAnniversaryArchiveProjectofAlternativeSpaceLOOP, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul

2018 Mongyuinwang, Zaha Museum, Seoul

2018 Hyper Narrative, META MONACO, Monaco

2018 Bricolage : World with coincidence, Suwon Art Center, Suwon


2017 A Joy of SPRING: Scenery, Blossom and Delicacy, National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul

2017 Nangmanchangjeon, ART MUSEUM KRU, Daegu

2016 Tenacious Hands, SEONGBUK MUSEUM of ART, Seoul

2016 Hangeul Calligraphy x Latin Typography, Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum, Seoul

2016 OLD & NEW, DDP Design Museum, Seoul

2016 The tradition is the future, ILJU & SEONHWA GALLERY, Seoul

2000 Currents in Korean Contemporary Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei / Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong

2000 Young Korean Artists Exhibition 2000: Towards the New millennium, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon

1999 Beyond Landscape, Artsonje Center, Kyungju, Seoul

1999 The State OF 1990s Korean Contemporary Art, Allen Kim Murpy Gallery, Seoul

1998 Kongsan Art Festival, Dong-Ah Galley, Seoul



2003 The 22th Suk Nam Arts Prize, Seoul 

1998 Won Excellency Reward at the 5th Kongsan Art Festival, Seoul


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