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Oh Sekyung

Oh Sekyung directs metaphors of the ironic moments of everyday life, social problems, and the absurdity of events into dramatic situations. This is done effectively through the use of distinctive pictorial devices such as fire, light and smoke. Having employed a high school girl as a model for a long time, he reproduces the bizarre sense of the daily life we experience through a strange combination involving amusement parks, alleys, and beaches.  Anxiety, fear, and certain absurd situations are repeated. High school girls experience difficult reality, going beyond our general perception. Some characters are in groups, others appear alone. Perhaps they got lost in an unfamiliar city. The people in the artist's paintings are high school girls which also at the same time metaphorize an average woman or human beings in search for their own identity. The direction of strange spaces and environments that resemble the artist's reality but are never the same creates a unique worldview. In the artist's work, the socialization process of the adolescent is expressed as an experience of wandering around a world of horror and mystery.

Oh Sekyung (b.1985)

2017 M.F.A. in Oriental painting, Sejong University, Seoul

2011 B.F.A. in Painting Dept, Sejong University, Seoul


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Guard me from my ugres, 777gallery, Yangju

2019 That season of life, Former Office Building of Gyeongseong Textile Company, Seoul

2018 There was a reason for it, Artspace hue, Paju 

2016 "Achromatic Centricity: Grey Temperature", OCI Museum of Art, Seoul

2014 Life, reluctant to be deceived, Gallery DOS. Seoul


Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 Tomorrow's artist, Gyeomjae Jeongseon Art museum, seoul

2021 Homage to Van Gogh:letter, Gallery AG, Seoul

2021 Prairie Land, Gimpo Art Center, Gimpo

2021 city ​​map, Seoul Government Buildings Management Office Gallery, seoul

2021 YYA, Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, Yangju

2020 Art Gyeonggi×Artroad, GyeongGi Cultural Foundation, Gyeonggi-do

2020 Dream and paradox, AG gallery, Seoul

2019 Check out,  777 Gallery, Yangju City Art Studio, Yangju

2019 Check in,  777 Gallery, Yangju City Art Studio, Yangju

2018 Merry-go-round,  Incheon Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon

2017 Endless Night, Dacheongho Museum of Art, Cheongju

2017 A dilly-dally reality, Artspacehue, Paju

2016 GREY-REAL, Art Sapce kapo/Art Hall Gong, Kanazawa

2016 Stage Clear, ondo architects, Seoul

2016 Dreams and Life, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong

2016 Hybrid_New perspective, The Cheong-ju Art Studio, Cheongju

2016 A TRUE PAINTING[ATP], Art Hall Gong[Work Band Gong], Seoul

2016 MM, Space 1984, Seoul

2015 lifestyle related disease, Gallery AG, Seoul

2015 Art Wing, Seoul Citizens Hall, Seoul

2014 IMAGO, Summer Art Show, Art Hall Gong[Work Band Gong], Seoul


Residency Programs

2021~ Art Studio ‘Place’, 3th

2019-2020 Yangju City Art Studio, 777 Residency 4th 

2018-2018 OCI 1211 Art Resident, 3th

2016-2017 Cheong-ju Art Studio, 10th


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