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Han Jihyoung

Han Jihyoung's work expresses the surface and movement of various materials with atypical organic images. What would the future look like? The artist imagines a state where everything is reset, like the moment when new sensations and movements are about to unfold after a complete dissolution of the existing civilization. Images are products of imagination that do not currently exist as the objects, events, and stories are absent and are free from meaning or interpretation. As if experiencing unfamiliar sounds and events, new experiences are converted into visual images. Her paintings characterize the fantasy of mankind with dreamy colors and compositions like ones generated by computer graphics. They feature senses and images, emotional experiences and moods that take place before verbalization. Through the keyword 'transformation body', the artist imagines a mankind completely transformed by the evolution in molecular biology, information network, nanotechnology, cutting-edge information network, and capitalism.

Han Jihyoung (b.1994)

2021 Korea National University of Arts MFA Painting

2019 Kyoto University of Art and Design MFA Exchange program, Oil Painting

2018 Korea National University of Arts, BFA Painting

2016 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Exchange program, Newmedia


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Fatty Folders, drawingRoom, Seoul, KR

2021 identi-kit : The People’s Choice, N/A, Seoul, KR

2020 Primo, Gallery175, Seoul, KR


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Fruit islands, Next museum, Seoul, KR


2022 Save As…., Andtree gallery, Seoul, KR

2022 Tamebow, Lotte avenuel art hall, Seoul, KR

2022 Fountantin, SAGA, Seoul, KR / Sansussari, Gwanju, KR

2022 Work in progress, Gallery O'new wall, Seoul, KR

2022 Are we being good, Ancestors?, Mirrored sphere Gallery, Seoul, KR

2022 Fit, Jeju Culture and Arts Center, Jeju, KR

2022 The Raw, Incheon Art Flatform, Incheon, KR

2022 This Title Is Not Available In Your Region, 132 Perry Street, 3FL 10014, NY

2022 The Preview, S-Factory, Seoul, KR

2022 Mix (image) Verse, Space So, Seoul, KR

2021 JULIENNE,, Seoul, KR

2021 I solemnly swear that I am up to no good, Figure ground, Seoul, KR

2021 FREE LAUNDRY, Meurice 59 the circle Easthampton, NY

2020 Girls in Quarantine (

2020 Fit, Space FourOneThree, Seoul, KR 

2020 pack.KUHO:Parts of air, KUHO Hannam flagship store, Seoul, KR

2020 Rivulet, Gallery175, Seoul, KR

2020 Braided Channel, KNUA Bokdo gallery, Seoul, KR

2020 Solo Show Presents: Chapter 5: BEHIND THE TIMES, Curated by Abby Lloyd & Alyssa Davis Gallery

2019 MMMore!, GALLERY SP, Seoul, KR

2019 Layers, GALLERY tomo, Kyoto, JP

2019 「新生空間」展 - 2010年以降の新しい韓国美術 Genron Chaos*Lounge Gotanda Atelier, Tokyo, JP 

2019 Study of basic forms, ilwoo space, Seoul, KR


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