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Kook Dongwan

Kook Dongwan works with various forms and media such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. While focusing on the private world of an individual, the artist also gradually reveals how society, economy, capital and politics affect the intimate personal world. The artist reproduces the events and objects experienced in the conscious world with bleached images and, in other times, presents the problems of self-identity and life experienced through changes in the body. Her recent painting visually reflects the relationship between the economic reality of Korean society and the life of the artist. These drawings, inspired by the visual experience of economic indicators showing the real estate market, uniquely express the structure that is not well revealed in everyday life and the anxiety and tension that are difficult to consciously grasp.

Kook Dongwan (b.1979)

2008 MA Book Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, London

2005 BFA, Graphic Design, Seoul National University, Seoul


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Sense of Direction, Nook Gallery, Seoul

2021 I Promise I Stay, PIBI Gallery, Seoul

2020 I am Three or Four or Five, Placemak2, Seoul

2018 900×Magnification, Gallery SU, Seoul

2016 The Automatic Message, Gallery Chosun, Seoul

2011 Some Dreams Don’t Come and Some Dreams Don’t Go., Gallery FACTORY, Seoul


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Grapes and Seeds, Dual exhibition by Dongwan Kook and Rabea Edel,, Berlin

2022 Soorim Art Prize 2022, Kim Hee Soo Art Center, Seoul

2022 Gangneung International Art Festival 2022: Tale of a City, Gangneung

2022 New Life, Space Willing N Dealing, Seoul

2021 Artist’s Wunderkammer, Gallery Planet, Seoul

2021 An Exhibition Giving Hojicha, Eulji-ro OF, Seoul

2021 Samulsamul—Inimitable (Minds) Traversing, KCDF Gallery, Seoul

2021 The 15th Taehwa River Eco Art Festival, Unseen / Unseeable, Taehwagang National Garden, Ulsan

2021 Typojanchi 2021: International Typography Biennale, A Turtle and a Crane, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul

2021 World on the Move: Shortened vs. Extended, Insa Art Space, Seoul

2021 BGA Showroom, BGAmaru, Seoul

2021 YMCA+YWCA, Gallery Imazoo, Seoul

2021 Versatile Volumes, KF Gallery, Seoul

2021 Triple Point, The Jennis 128, Incheon

2021 Mind Sculpture, BGAmaru, Seoul

2021 Knocking the Door, Art Space I: SAEK, Seoul

2020 MMCA Changdong Residency Report 2020, MMCA Changdong residency, Seoul

2020 Grim Tamgu, Dual exhibition by Dongwan Kook and Vakki, Solsaem subway station, Seoul

2019 Pick Your Pic, Seoullo Media Canvas, Seoul

2019 Openness–Nowness, Gallery SU, Seoul

2018 Drawing the Desire of Everyday Life: Chaeg-Ga-Do, Gunpo Book Village, Gunpo

2018 How Many Steps, SAS Geumcheon PS333, Seoul

2017 PublicART New Hero, JCC Art Center, Seoul

2017 Future with Arts, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu

2017 Back to Marginality, SAS Geumcheon PS333, Seoul

2017 April Flower Memorial Festival: Sympathy & Memory, Arario Museum Annex, Jeju

2017 Structural Disparities, SAS Geumcheon PS333, Seoul

2016 Young Artists Projects 2016: New Visual Culture, Daegu Art Square, Daegu

2016 Art Apace Festival: Sensible Reality, Seoul Citizen’s Hall, Seoul

2015 Typojanchi 2015: International Typography Biennale, C(   )T(   ), Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul

2014 Today’s Salon, Common Center, Seoul

2013 A Hard Rain’s A-gonna Fall, Dual exhibition by Dongwan Kook and Kalim Yoon, Projectspace Mo, Seoul

2013 White & White: nel dialogo tra Corea e Italia (Dialogue Between Korea and Italy), Museo Carlo Bilotti — Aranciera di Villa Borghese, Rome

2012 Artists at Glenfiddich 2012, Art Gallery at Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown

2011 MoA Invites, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul

2010 Primavere del Bianco, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul


Residency Programs

2020 MMCA Changdong Residency, Seoul

2016-2018 Seoul Art Space Guemcheon, Seoul

2012 Glenfiddich Artist in Residence, Dufftown


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