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Park Siwol

Park Siwol's work begins by collecting the happy memories of others. As if collecting scattered memories, she repeatedly draws thin lines and records them as faint and opaque drawings. But is there a way to collect the most intimate experiences and memories of others? Lacan's famous statement that "we desire the desires of others" is recalled here. The narrative of the other constitutes oneself (subject). But is that possible? Not all ideas and claims can necessarily be realized and proven. It is even more so when it comes to what the artist perceives and asserts.  Park Siwol's pencil drawings follow the traditional drawing style, but they make very speculative arguments in the subject and the title of the work or the notes on it. Through drawings, it seems to express what is experienced by chance in a private, small, and completely unexpected way. The issues of relationship, empathy, and communication with others have long served as the most important and old topics for contemporary artists. Park Siwol's pencil drawings also seem to be trying to break through this problem head-on. Continuously confirming through drawing the fact that one exists in relationships with others requires unrelenting perseverance.

Park Siwol (b.1993)

2020 MFA Painting, Kyunghee University, KR

2018 BFA Painting, Kyunghee University, KR


Solo Exhibitions

2021 Among Ordinary Days, Saltnaru Smallmuseum, Ulsan, KR

2021 The Remaining Pieces Began to Comfort Each Other, Rund Gallery, Seoul, KR 


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 The Selected Story, Oksang Factory, Seoul, KR

2021 Refracted Image Deposited, Geoutteon Gallery, Cheongju, KR

2021 PO & PO, Gorearo131, Ulsan, KR

2021 Base Effect, Han Gallery, Ilsan, KR

2021 Introverted Exhibition, Space Plus, Anseong, KR

2021 Forest at Night, Oksang Factory, Seoul, KR

2020 The Third Project Show, PS Sarubia, Seoul, KR

2020 Intermission, GGI Gallery, Andong, KR


Residency Programs

2022 Chuncheon Art Studio, Chuncheon, KR

2021 Bukgu Art Studio, Ulsan, KR


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