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The road of Painting where Labor, Thought, and Wisdom Meet


Kim Noam


Painting moves people's hearts. Maybe all paintings, but paintings with subtle and mysterious powers attract and push people's hearts even further. It refers to activities and experiences that cannot be met through indirect experiences. The dual activity of thinking in the process of working and working in the process of thinking is happening at the same time. Whether it is painted on the wall or placed on the floor, the painting repeats the complex process of human physical activity and labor, thought, and foresight toward a specific vision.


Artists face various difficulties from the start of their career. Passionately passing through the anxious and arduous process of being new to the art world, at some point, one comes across obstacles that cannot be overcome and reaches the mid-career stage. Such obstacles may seem to pose limits but it is an obvious process of developing oneself as an artist. The endless reflections and trials leads one to become finally accepted as an artist. Throughout that process, the artist meets supportive people and programs.

No matter how sophisticated and wise artist support programs have become compared to the past, creative endeavors are still essentially an extremely personal and lonely road. It is more influenced by the artist's individual spirit and destiny(fortune). Supportive programs try to have a positive effect on the environment and conditions for creative activities, and whether it will be a medicine or a poison depends on the will and capacity of the individual.


It has been a long time since art has transcended the issue of good and evil or the matter of good versus bad taste beyond the level of culture and common sense. Even the debate on whether such is art or not has been prolonged without any definite conclusion. It is a natural situation. The reason that an artist is an artist is that, like the enlightened individuals, he or she is free enough from his or her own love (desire) to come in contact with the 'infinity'. In a nutshell, it is to become “aware” of the larger world through self-discovery and going beyond self. In that sense, the images of many painters have expressed certain feelings, thoughts, and inspirations, and although it is impossible to accurately identify them, they certainly contain a certain truth.

Chongkundang Yesuljisang introduces artists who firmly support the oldest and most universal art forms in our art scene and seek new ways. They are artists who express contact with reality, which is revealed through the dynamic relationship between language and image through painting. We expect such an experience from artists, Kim Hyosuk, Park Seungyea, and Lee Manna, who are presented at the 3rd Chongkundang Yesuljisang.

The 3th Chongkundang Yesuljisang

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