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Park Wunggyu

Artist Park Wunggyu has long contemplated the absurd reality, world, and identity through the forms of insects and bugs. The artist's work shows text and images with strong Buddhist colors. Through the adoption of solemn religious images and forms, the artist blends the most sacred realms and the lowest dimensions of life. The creative journey, centered around 'ambivalence,' introduces new sensations and perceptions in the process of collision and fusion between relative values and worlds. Utilizing traditional Korean painting techniques, his works, resembling meticulous records in a biology textbook, are highly innovative. The paintings of colossal insects allude to reflections on human selfish desires and contemplation on life, implying the changes in the environmental state and the recognition of these changes as crises and endings. They also signify awareness of the crises in modern civilization and spirituality.

Park Wunggyu (b.1987)

2015 M.F.A, Division of Korean painting, Graduate school, Chugye University for the Arts

2010 B.F.A, Department of Korean painting, College of Fine Arts, Chugye University for the Arts


Solo Exhibitions

2023 Intestine for Ritual, Arario gallery, Seoul

2022 Dummy Buddha, Artspace Boan1, Seoul

2018 Black Sun, Onground2, Seoul

2017 Worm and Saint, Space Kneet, Seoul

2016 Dummy Dogma, Chungju Art Studio, Chungju


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Beings Swimming Backstroke Towards the Waterfall, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon PS333, Seoul

2023 The 23rd Songeun Art Award Exhibition, Songeun, Seoul

2023 Singing Mother Earth, Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, Busan

2023 Derby Match: Watchman and Spy, Museumhead, Seoul

2022 Korean Traditional Painting In Alter-age, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul

2022 NANJI ACCESS with PACK: Mbps, Project Gallery, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2021 Manifest Panorama, Danwon Art Museum, Ansan

2021 Transposition, Art Sonje Center, Seoul


Residency Programs

2024 SeMA Nanji Residency, Seoul

2016 Chungju Art Studio, Chungju


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