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Park Nohwan

The artist, using watercolor and Arabian gum as mediums, employs a method of coloring on the canvas, melting it, and wiping it repeatedly to create unique forms. The somewhat loose and peculiar atmosphere emanating from the artist's work brings to mind indistinct sensations and emotions that were inherently present but couldn't be clearly perceived or expressed through language. Everyday objects and landscapes are interpreted and expressed like images from an internet blog. The intersection of actual reality and virtual images creates a unique atmosphere. Although outwardly adhering to the traditional expression of painting, the artist combines experiences of painting, photography, video, and digital imagery in content. The rapid change in the overwhelming multimedia environment dominated by digital images forces shifts in human senses and cognition. Park Nohwan's images reflect such transformations in the world and human experiences.

Park Nohwan (b.1987)

2024 MFA in Visual Arts, Seoul National University of Science and Technology

2014 BFA in Painting, Hongik University


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Dig Around in Empty Pocket, Gallery Kiche, Seoul

2021 Human Stains, Willing & Dealing Space, Seoul

2018 Bland Gestures, Dimension Variable Space, Seoul


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Les images qui nous parlent, Artspace 3, Seoul

2023 Iron Powder, Every art, Seoul

2023 Precario City, Space Cadalogs, Seoul

2021 SOLO SHOW: Shinsegae Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store Busan, Space Willing & Dealing, Busan

2021 You never saw it, Gallery Kiche, Seoul

2020 Park Noh-wan - Jeon Hyun-seon, Space Willing & Dealing, Seoul

2020 Light and Crystalline, One & J Gallery, Seoul


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