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Park Mira

Park Mira has been building her own world through a series of black drawings that directly face the dark side of human beings. The artist has been producing drawings and animations that portray various objects and beings that fill up the screen in black. The drawing series contains a fantasy world that does not belong to reality. The atmosphere and composition are mysterious, dark, scary and unsettling. They direct an adult fairy tale (cruel fairy tale) that twists the real world intertwined with cruel and heartless forces. People with animal heads and various macabre characters make up a cruel play. The artist makes her own unique use of various surrealistic images that express human existential agony along with the discovery of the unconscious, like holes, trees, insects, volcanoes, cliffs, animal heads, masks, and falls. Some things happen, but they are not explained in detail. Through black fantasy, the artist depicts the events and relationships that occur behind the scenes of human society like fables or myths.

Park Mira (b.1982)

2006 BFA Painting, Gachon University, KR 


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Interlude, Art Space Boan 2, Seoul, KR

2020 Walk in the dark, A-Lounge gallery, Seoul, KR

2019 The Waves at Night, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Project Gallery, Ansan, KR 

2015 The Rabbit Hole, Booknomad, Seoul, KR

2010 Grey Eyes, Supplement Space STONE & WATER, Anyang, KR

2008 Personal History Collection, Alternative Space Miccle, Seoul, KR 


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 A Bonus Book: The Pen, Chongmundang, Daegu, KR 

2022 Perigee Winter Show 2022, Perigee gallery, Seoul, KR 

2022 The Art Plaza:Link by IBK, IBK Arcade, Seoul, KR 

2022 Mapping Memory : The Bunker, Sema Bunker, Seoul, KR 

2022 Kaleidoscope, A-Lounge gallery, Seoul, KR 

2022 Over and Above, DooNamJae ArtCenter, Seoul, KR 

2022 Persona: Not me but every of me, Daejeon Creative Center, Daejeon, KR 

2022 ART REBUILD, Art Space Boan 1, Seoul, KR

2022 Face To Face 2021, Daewangam Park, Ulsan, KR 

2021 And Live, Mullae Art Factory M30, Seoul, KR

2021 Time To Create, Seongam Fishing Village, Ansan, KR 

2021 What If, A-Lounge gallery, Seoul, KR 

2021 Guide Marks, Gallery IN, Seoul, KR

2021 SAPY COLLECTION 26, Seoul Artist’s Platform New & Young, Seoul, KR 

2021 Everything About Transparency, Culture Bunker, Seoul, KR

2020 Meet by Chance, Suwon Convention Center, Sangsang Campus, Suwon, KR 

2020 Zoom In IAa, Art space IAa, Jeju, KR

2020 New Party New Party, Space TYPE, Seoul, KR

2020 The Next Station is Sai Forest, Lounge Sai, Seoul, KR

2020 Dream Believer, A-Lounge gallery, Seoul, KR

2019 In The Center of The World, GS Gangseo Tower, Seoul, KR

2019 The Whisper Night, Gyeonggi Creation-Center, Gyeonggi, KR

2019 Sphinx without Secrets, Geumnarae Art Hall, Seoul, KR

2019 Mysterious Morning, Gyeonggi Creation-Center, Gyeonggi, KR

2018 Mullae Value, GS Gangseo tower, Seoul, KR

2018 Chromaticity, Mullae Art Factory M30, Seoul, KR

2018 GYEONGGI ARCHIVE NOW, Sangsang Campus, Suwon, KR 


Residency Programs

2023-2024 The Cheong-ju Art Studio, Cheong-ju, KR 

2019-2021 Gyeonggi Creation Center Artist in Residency Program, Gyeonggi, KR

2011-2013 Geumcheon Art Camp, Seoul, KR


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